The Colorsplash camera adds a splash of color to any photo by simply adding one of nine offered color filters to the flash. The nine filters include: two orange, two green, two purple and one each of blue, pink and red. This camera takes 35 mm film and the flash is battery-powered.

Colorsplash Camera Models Edit

  • Colorsplash Camera - The default Colorsplash camera.
  • Colorsplash "Lomography World Congress 2004 Edition" - The shocking pink Colorsplash camera for the occasion of Lomography World Congress 2004 at Beijing. (Limited Edition)
  • Colorsplash Ice Bear - The blue Colorsplash camera wrapped in a fake fur case. (Limited Edition)
  • Love Edition Colorsplash Camera - The red rubberized Colorsplash camera wrapped in a fake fur case. (Limited Edition)
  • Colorsplash X-pro Special - The blackish rubberized Colorsplash camera designed in accordance with Printemps Design au Centre Pompidou. (Limited Edition)

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